Mavericks will ‘certainly’ load manage Kristaps Porzingis, Mark Cuban says

The Mavericks plan on being cautious with Kristaps Porzingis in 2019-20.

Team owner Mark Cuban discussed the concept of load management on SiriusXM Tuesday at the NBA summer league, saying Dallas will use the tactic to keep its newest star healthy and used Kawhi Leonard’s 2018-19 season with the Raptors as an example.

“KP (Porzingis) coming back from an injury … we’re gonna certainly load manage him,” Cuban said. “We saw what Kawhi did, and Kawhi was still banged up in the Finals after all of that. You could see him limping.

“And you can argue about the injuries with Golden State. The length of the season and all those playoff runs. How it cumulatively impacted their health, we don’t know. But, yeah, you’re going to see load management more and more and more.”

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