Shane Warne’s best ever sledges

SUPERCOACH BBL is Australia’s best fantasy game and it’s back for 2018-19.

SuperCoach is all about challenging your mates, banter and sledging — so we’ve brought in one of the best.

Take on the legendary Shane Warne in SuperCoach this season and see if you have what it takes to be a true champion.

Warnie has already picked his side and is keen to start the banter.

To kick it off, here are his top three sledges either delivered or copped.


“Sledging is a fine art. It’s something humorous, it’s quick, it’s a moment. It’s not something you premeditate. Unless it was Daryll Cullinan.

“When I woke up on Boxing Day and picked up the paper, it read: ‘I’ve been to a psychiatrist, I’ve been playing the man, not the ball’.

Shane Warne is playing SuperCoach BBL this season.Source:The Daily Telegraph

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“Now there’s a big difference between mental health and just struggling to pick a leg break … So when Daryll walked out to bat I just lingered around him with intent around the popping crease when he was taking centre.

“I said ‘hourly session Daryll? What colour was the couch?’

“He turned around and his head snapped at me and he (said something that) ended in ‘off’.

“I went back to my mark and knocked him over a couple of balls later.”

Shane Warne dismisses Daryll Cullinan for a duck in the 1997 Boxing Day Test.Source:News Limited


“He actually had a really good comeback too. He got dropped out of the side and came back four years later. I was in the slips and they opened the batting with him.

“I said: ‘Daryll, don’t you dare get out. I’ve been waiting four years for this opportunity to nail you again. Don’t you dare get out’.

“So I went on like this for a couple of overs and in the end he turned around and he just said: ‘Yeah, it looks like you’ve been spending that time eating’.


“The third one is how I learned to sledge, or my mentor of sledging — and that was Allan Border. He told me that if you can’t find any rhythm with your bowling and you can’t get into the contest and you’re struggling a little, just pick a fight with someone.

Allan Border (right) has a big influence on Shane Warne’s career. Here they celebrate victory against the West Indies in Melbourne.Source:Supplied

“Not a physical fight, but if someone was walking past, let’s say it was Kevin Pietersen, I’d say something like ‘what are you looking at KP?’ And he’d turn around and go ‘What? What are you looking at?’

“Suddenly it became a contest between you and him and it switched you on and gave you a bit more rhythm and got you into the contest. So thanks AB, it’s all your fault!”


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