Boomers coach Brian Goorjian keen to involve Andrew Bogut in Olympic preparations

Boomers coach Brian Goorjian wants retired big man Andrew Bogut on his coaching staff in preparation for next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Goorjian revealed he asked Bogut to be involved with the team when the champion centre contacted him prior to his retirement announcement.

The former No 1 NBA draft pick helped build the Boomers culture, so Goorjian believes it is fitting that he is part of the team’s bid to win a maiden men’s medal.

The veteran coach has left the final decision with Bogut, but he knows how valuable his impact would be on the Australian Olympic squad.

“I told him (Andrew) to have a think about and I left it with him, but my mindset is that I’d love to have him or want him in some capacity around the team,” Goorjian said.

“In my two Olympics as Boomers coach in Beijing and Athens, his presence within in that team was amazing.

“I don’t think that the country realises how powerful he was, not only as a player, but how important he was to the whole green and gold.”

Brian Goorjian wants Andrew Bogut to have a role with the Boomers. Picture: Supplied.Source:News Limited

Upon announcing his retirement a fortnight ago, Bogut indicated his interest in coaching but stressed he wouldn’t rush any decisions or potential avenues.

Goorjian respects the big man’s stance, and it’s why he is happy to let him enjoy the initial stages of his post playing career.

Bogut has been busy spending time with his family and producing his new podcast Rouges Bogues.

At the right time, though, Goorjian is all ears when the ex-Sydney King wants to chat about playing a role with the Boomers.

“I just think it is important,” he said.

“Bogut is one of the main instigators of the Australian culture, in terms of it being what we see today.

“So, if it is not in a playing capacity, you would want him around the team in some other capacity.

“He contacted me prior to the (retirement) announcement, and we had a nice discussion.

“I said, let’s just let things settle, and he has some decisions to make and what he wants to do with his life.

“But once it settles down, I’d like to love to talk to him about the Boomers.

“I haven’t got my head around how we do it or what role, but I certainly think it would be great and would really help just him being with this group and being around them and being a part of a medal.”

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