Anthony Joshua and Lewis Hamilton named by Rita Ora among ‘dream list’ of guys

Pop star Rita Ora named Anthony Joshua and Lewis Hamilton among a "dream list" of stars she would like to date, after hoping they were the secret celebrity masquerading as a chameleon on ITV show The Masked Singer.

The show involves famous people dressing up in obscure outfits hiding their identity before singing in front of a panel of four judges, who have to guess who is behind the mask.

Ora is one of the judges on the show, along with TV personalities Jonathan Ross and Davina McCall, as well as star of The Hangover movie trilogy, Ken Jeong.

And she took a fancy to one of the show's contestants , who was dressed in a full chameleon outfit, but became the third celebrity to be voted off the show despite handing Ora a red rose.

Before the chameleon unveiled his identity, Ross said: "We've just been going through a list of men she [Ora] hopes you are so she can date you afterwards."

Ora then read off her list of desirable contenders, with heavyweight boxer Joshua and Formula One ace Hamilton in the frame.

"So maybe you are Anthony Joshua?" she said. "I'd love that. That would be fantastic.

"Or maybe you could be [Grime artist] Stormzy? He's gorg[eous] too.

"Or you could be Lewis Hamilton? I do have a dream list, guys, we might be here for a while."

Ross then joked: "Hold on, what's that name there? Ken Jeong?"

Sadly for Ora, chameleon was later unmasked to reveal The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins.

A shocked and embarrassed Ora said: "This has just blown me away!"

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