Boxing news: How David Coldwell turned Dereck Chisora into Anthony Joshua contender

“Incase you haven’t noticed I’m 5ft 4 and 10 stone so me taking on fighters and the physicality of it, it’s taken it’s tole on my body,” the Yorkshireman exclusively told Express Sport.

“So if I’m going to do that and put myself in the line for you, you’ve got to give me 100 per cent.”

Dereck Chisora had suffered his second defeat to Dillian Whyte via an 11th round knockout when Coldwell’s phone rang.

It was David Haye, who was keen to collaborate with the trainer to help Del Boy bounce back for the final stretch of his career.

So they headed north to Rotherham for a trial session, but when they arrived Coldwell could not believe what he was seeing for a fighter of his pedigree.

“The first day when he came up and we did the pads, oh my god, I thought he was taking the piss, honestly I thought he was taking the piss,” the 43-year-old added.

“I honestly said ‘what’s this?’

“I was laughing saying ‘no, come on, seriously.’

“At first I wasn’t sure, with Chisora. I wondered whether one day he’d be up for it and the next day he’s not.

“We had a chat about it at first I said ‘listen, this is how I work doing this, this and this or the door is there, I don’t really care who you are.’”

After some hard-hitting truths, faith and dedication they started to see results and now 35-year-old Chisora is ready to rumble on Saturday when he takes on Senad Gashi at the O2 Arena.

Chisora remains one of the biggest names in British boxing and has been for the best part of the last decade. The man is an entertainer whether it be for the right or wrong reasons.

The slap on Vitali Klitschko, the melee in Munich with Haye and the iconic table he hurled at Whyte.

Beneath the bad-boy reputation there is a down to earth, humble guy full of heart who wants to give fans value for money.

“It’s been really good [training],” Coldwell continued.

“From day one he’s been very much like [Tony] Bellew, people on the outside think ‘he’s very hard to do’ but on the inside he does everything I ask him, he’s so respectful, trying his hardest to do the thing that I want him to do.

“You can’t just keep walking forward and taking shots, especially as you get older. But I don’t have to coach the toughness.”

With Chisora throwing punches he’s never thrown before, Haye couldn’t help but throw his name into the mix with Anthony Joshua, who is looking for an opponent to replace Jarrell Miller.

When asked if that’s testament to the success of their new found partnership, Coldwell insists it’s important Chisora doesn’t look past Saturday.

He said: “That’s Dereck being Dereck, this is my first fight with him but everybody who has been around him says he is so much more confident and more laid back, looking forward to everything.

“He’s a warrior who just loves to fight, he will fight anybody. That’s the thing about him, that’s why I’m getting him to do certain things.

“This heavyweight division is so wide open because the four top guys won’t fight each other, it’s really, really open.

“Those guys have now got to pick someone else to make a fight, all of these guys at the bottom have got to climb all over each other to get into that position then they’ll get the opportunities.

“He said to me that’s he’s up for it and David’s told me that he’s already spoke to Eddie [Hearn].

“I don’t care about any of that stuff and I’m putting that [Saturday] first. That’s all I’m interested in.

“Please god, let’s hope everything goes right Saturday night and he wins and then we can talk about what happens after.

“Derek isn’t looking beyond, he can’t afford to. It’s nice that David can talk about it.”

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