Eddie Hearn says Mayweather 'terrible' in exhibition against Paul

Eddie Hearn claims boxing great Floyd Mayweather looked ‘TERRIBLE’ in his exhibition against YouTuber Logan Paul as he questions the American’s status as ‘the best ever’ and insists fight was ‘bad look’ for the sport

  • Floyd Mayweather failed to beat Logan Paul during their exhibition fight in Miami
  • The rookie managed to last the full eight rounds against Mayweather on Sunday  
  • Eddie Hearn was shocked by Mayweather’s ‘terrible’ performance against Paul
  • He said that it has damaged Mayweather’s reputation and questioned his legacy

Eddie Hearn was shocked by Floyd Mayweather’s ‘terrible’ performance against YouTuber Logan Paul on Sunday night.  

Mayweather, who retired from boxing in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record, was surprisingly unable to stop Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. 

The rookie survived the full eight rounds of their exhibition bout, leaving Hearn to question Mayweather and how his performance has affected the sport.    

Floyd Mayweather failed to beat Logan Paul during their exhibition fight in Miami on Sunday 

Hearn said that Mayweather has damaged his reputation and that young fans will question his legacy. 

Speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, Hearn said: ‘This never felt comfortable for me, the person this looked worse on than anybody, and he probably doesn’t care, is Floyd Mayweather. 

He looked quite terrible. If you’re a young fan, you see Floyd Mayweather last night you go, “He was the best ever?”

‘I know that Logan Paul was hugging around, but I don’t know, I always said from the outside it was a bad look for the sport.’

The rookie YouTuber managed to last the full eight rounds against Mayweather, 44, on Sunday 

Eddie Hearn says that he was shocked by Mayweather’s ‘terrible’ performance against Paul

Following the fight, Mayweather admitted he may never fight again after failing to beat 26-year-old Paul. 

The YouTuber entered the bout with just a single pro fight to his name, while Mayweather had stopped UFC superstar Conor McGregor in ten rounds to maintain his perfect 50-0 record.

Mayweather dominated the contest at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami but failed to land that all-important blow. 

However, Mayweather threw some powerful shots and would have won convincingly on points, had there been judges.

Hearn also shared his thoughts on the attendance at the fight, saying he expected a lot more tickets to be sold to the event.

Hearn said that the fight has damaged Mayweather’s reputation and questioned his legacy 

Mayweather admitted he may not do another exhibition again after being taken the distance

Although he does believes the contest did very well on pay-per-view despite reports claiming that Mayweather is unlikely to pocket $100million payday from the fight. 

Mayweather said he could earn as much as $100million (£71m) in total from the fight, while Paul reportedly was set to earn in the region of $26m (£14m) when PPV figures and everything else was accounted for. 

However, an expert in calculating pay-per-view buys has claimed between 600,000 and 650,000 buys, although figures at this early stage are a very rough estimate.

Nevertheless, Hearn said: ‘What’s happened to the world? I didn’t stay up to watch, I woke up in the night to check my Twitter. 

‘I couldn’t believe how few tickets they sold. It’s kind of weird. I’m sure it performed well on pay-per-view but it looked like there was nobody there.

 Hearn gave Paul his pro boxing break at a Matchroom event in Los Angeles in 2019 against KSI

Hearn also says that he has no problem with Paul fighting Tyron Woodley (above) next

‘That was my first thought. I just saw some clips and I’m like, “What has happened?” It caused some interesting debate. 

‘I saw Ricky Hatton say he was quite appalled. Being a promoter I’ve learned not to criticise too badly because you never know what you’re going to do in the future.’ 

Hearn gave Paul his pro boxing break – allowing him to headline a Matchroom event in Los Angeles in 2019 against KSI.

Two years later, the promoter says he is impressed with the YouTuber’s application to the sport and that he would be happy to pin Paul against Tyron Woodley. 

He said: ‘I don’t mind Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley, he’s taking the sport seriously. They’re on a similar level.’

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