Fans fear for Evander Holyfield after "depressing" footage emerges before return

Evander Holyfield's return to the boxing ring at the age of 58 has left fans feeling rather apprehensive after training footage emerged of the veteran days before his comeback.

The Real Deal is set to take on former former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort, who is 14 years his junior, in Florida this weekend after 10 years out of the ring.

Holyfield had been calling for a trilogy bout with Mike Tyson before accepting a fight with Belfort after six-division boxing world champion Oscar De La Hoya was forced to withdraw.

While Belfort has just one professional boxing bout to his name with took place back in 2006, footage of Holyfield looking far from his best on the pads has left viewers feeling worried.

One fan said: "Some of these random match-ups, while depressing, still have a touch of entertaining chaos that makes you a little curious….This one is only depressing."

With a second saying: "It sad to watch tbh, Evander is legend, but shouldn't be fighting."

A third added: "Boxing is becoming a joke. The fights nobody wants to see happen each week and the fights everybody wants to see take years."

A fourth joked: "Is it in slow motion?"

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One high-profile figure to give his thoughts on the bout is UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, who lost to Belfort in controversial circumstances back in 2013.

He tweeted after seeing the video of Holyfield : "Fighters by nature are brave, that’s why managers, coaches and commissions are there to protect them from themselves.

"This fight shouldn’t be happening."

Holyfield has said of the bout: "We say: 'If you don't quit it will be alright'. Then you get older and start quitting. You stop taking care of yourself.

"I was young at one point and didn't have bad habits. They say: 'You're taking a chance'. But you will never be successful in life if you don't take any chances.

"I realised that I was in good shape. If I don't get out of shape, I don't have to worry. If I was fighting in MMA, I would be in trouble. He's boxing – he's in trouble."

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