Floyd Mayweather is taking his fight with Logan Paul 'very seriously'

Floyd Mayweather is taking his fight with YouTuber Logan Paul ‘very seriously’ as promoter claims it will be a ‘real fight’ with KO’s ALLOWED as ‘Money’ returns to the ring for the first time in two years

  • Floyd Mayweather is taking his fight against YouTuber Logan Paul ‘very seriously’
  • There have been questions asked about the fight but KOs are likely to be allowed
  • Mayweather – who has a 50-0 undefeated record – says the fight will be ‘historic’
  • He is said to be training hard to fight Paul, who was beaten by KSI 13 months ago 

Floyd Mayweather will be taking his exhibition fight against YouTuber Logan Paul ‘very seriously’ as he regards it as a ‘real fight’.

Mayweather – who has a 50-0 undefeated record from his sensational boxing career – will take on the 25-year-old social media star in February 2021.  

Despite being the overwhelming favourite to win, the veteran boxer, 43, is said to be training ‘extensively’ as the fight’s promoter claims knockouts will be allowed.  

Floyd Mayweather is taking his fight against YouTuber Logan Paul in February ‘very seriously’ 

 The bout with Paul has been regarded as a ‘real fight’ and knockouts are likely to happen

Mayweather is expected to emerge victorious against Paul – who has had just two fights against fellow YouTuber KSI.

However, Mayweather is adamant he must be prepared for all eventualities as he believes the bout will be a ‘historical fight’ that could open to the door to various ‘opportunities’.

Solomon Engel, founder and CEO of Fanmio, told The Sun: ‘I think Floyd is going to have fun with it but he’s taking it very seriously.

‘Floyd trains extensively and I don’t think he’s going to go into this fight and not be prepared. He’s very excited for the fight.

‘He sees some big opportunities here, and I don’t want to speak for him but I think we all feel this could be a very historical fight and a number of different levels.’ 

Mayweather has been out of the ring since his 2018 exhibition against Tenshin Nasukawa 

Paul (right), meanwhile, was beaten by fellow YouTuber KSI (left) back in Los Angeles in 2019

This fight has drawn plenty of criticism from the boxing world due to the huge contrast in experience between the two fighters. .

Paul has only faced fellow YouTuber KSI, but holds an advantage over Mayweather with his height and weight. 

Paul is four stone heavier than Mayweather and stands six inches taller. In addition, Paul has fought more recently than the American. 

The 43-year-old has been out of action since his 2018 exhibition against Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa – who he wiped out in the first round, making £6million from the contest in Tokyo. 

Nevertheless, Mayweather is training hard as he believes the fight could be ‘historic’ 

While Paul is still coming to terms with the fact Mayweather agreed to the fight  

Organisers are yet to announce the rules of the fight, but Paul is expected to maintain his size advantage.   

Engel has, however, stated that neither Mayweather or Paul will be asked to hold back and will be allowed to go for the knockout.  

He said: ‘This is a real fight. And whoever wins, wins. Certainly there could be a knockout, yes.

‘I think it will be a very competitive fight. And to be clear, we have Floyd who is the best fighter, and Logan who is a new fighter.

‘But, Logan does have some size difference, he’s many inches taller, many pounds heavier and when you look at size and how that could affect the match, there’s really no telling what the outcome could be.’

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