Floyd Mayweather splashes out £700k on nine cars with 29th Rolls Royce for boxer

Floyd Mayweather has been splashing £700,000 on nine cars – including a 29th Rolls Royce for himself.

The 50-fight unbeaten boxer will step into the ring for an exhibition bout against YouTube star Logan Paul in Miami.

And it set to make the 42-year-old a fortune, saying that the clash with the American will make him up to $100m [£70m].

But TMZ have reported that Mayweather, who is already the richest athlete in the world according to Forbes , has already started spending some of the money.

Speaking to the boxer’s car deal – simply known as Chop, owner of Towbin Auto Group in Las Vegas – the boxer spent $1m (£700,000) on nine new sets of wheels.

With all of the cars being produced this year, the include five made by American muscle-car company Dodge.

Three are Challengers, which are powered by 6.4L V8s, two four-door saloon Chargers and a cross-country Journey.

While Mayweather also bought into some luxury cars with a Maybach sedan and two-door Mercedes S560 coupe.

But the jewel in the roster is a 2021 Rolls Royce White Ghost, the 629bhp luxury car which has been selling for $450,000.

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And Chop revealed that the boxer had bought a second version of the same car since his nine-car splurge, all of those cars being bought for friends and family.

The new Rolls Royce is the 29th in Mayweather’s collection, having bought 157 cars from the Las Vegas dealer.

His collection – which is split into white cars in Los Angeles and black cars in Las Vegas – include £3m worth of the British car manufacturer’s vehicles and Bugatti Veyrons which come at £1.7m each.

The cars at his home off the strip in Nevada form part of his mansion which also features a “Scarface room”.

And Mayweather may use one of his new sets of wheels to celebrate or consolidate his fight against Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami.

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