Fury vs Usyk to be announced next week with final detail to iron out

Tyson Fury calls out Oleksandr Usyk for blockbuster world heavyweight fight

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Frank Warren is hoping to announce Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk next week as negotiations edge closer to completion. Organisers are just waiting to confirm the fight’s official venue before an announcement can be made.

The Middle East is currently the preferred destination with Saudi Arabia reportedly being the frontrunner to lay host to the historic event. It is understood that London’s Wembley Stadium has been pencilled in as a backup option if the fight cannot be made overseas but both parties remain confident that the oil-rich nation will come up with the cash.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Warren said: “We hope we will have an announcement this week and we are working very hard to make this fight happen with Usyk. “All parties are really trying to get this done and it’s not an issue of us disagreeing on things, it’s basically what we are working on behind the scenes to find the best venue for it.

“Boxers want to be well paid, this is our World Cup, this is our Thrilla In Manilla, our Rumble In The Jungle, so it will go where it makes the most money.”

Earlier this week, Warren confirmed that the undisputed unification bout will take place later than initially expected. March 4 was the originally touted fight date, however, the Queensbury Promotions chief confirmed that delays in finalising the deal mean that it is more likely to happen between late March and early April.

Regardless, everyone involved in discussions remains positive that it will get done and that the delay is part in parcel of getting the best possible fee. Fury’s US promoter, Bob Arum, recently revealed that they are anticipating that investors will put up the largest purse in boxing history.


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“I’m very optimistic the fight is going to happen,” Arum told Sky Sports News. “Both fighters have agreed to do the fight, the question is the site and we’re talking to the Middle East because allegedly they’re going to come up with the biggest purse ever in boxing history.

“And if they do, that’s where the fight is going to go because money is money. If they don’t, both fighters will agree to do the fight this spring at Wembley… but the fight will happen in my opinion, certainly within the first four months of the year.

“Fighters want to do the best for themselves because a fighter’s career, no matter how great he is, is limited and they want to make as much money as possible.”


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