How the fight was won: Timothy Bradley on Oscar Valdez’s game plan

A lot of people doubted Oscar Valdez heading into this fight against Miguel Berchelt, myself included. Berchelt is a powerful fighter, and sometimes when you look at a situation on paper — the Xs and Os, the resumes and and at their last fight — it can lead you to a certain conclusion.

Valdez, in his last fight, didn’t look anywhere as good as he did against Berchelt. It was easy to let doubts creep into your mind, like maybe he was on the downslope.

But just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you’re going to win. You have to give all of the praise to Valdez, who had a plan from long before the fight even began. He picked on the boogeyman of the junior lightweight division because he knew that boogeyman could bring the best out of him. And that’s exactly what happened.

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