Jake Paul hits back at Fury’s ‘sidechick’ jibe as he shares Julia Rose texts

Jake Paul has mercilessly trolled Tommy Fury after reacting to a jibe from the British fighter about his girlfriend, Julia Rose.

After being embroiled in a bitter online feud throughout 2021, the pair will finally settle their differences inside a boxing ring next month when they meet in Florida on December 18.

Both have been regularly posting updates on their respective training camps, and have rarely missed an opportunity to goad each other with Fury's brother, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, also getting involved by leaving voice mails for Paul calling him a "dosser."

'The Problem Child' has never been afraid to get personal with rivals though, and hit back after his upcoming opponent tweeted: "While Jack enjoys afternoons in the arcade playing dance mat with his side thing….I thought I'd take five minutes out from the best camp of my life to say NOTHING can save you now."

The boast was never going to pass without a stinging response from Paul, 24, who then posted a series of taunts on Instagram.

The first of which joked that he was "shaking" at the warning – before the American uploaded a clip of himself feigning being nervous.

He wasn't done there, then posting a reminder of the relationship rumours between Nathan Dawe and Fury's girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague, which date back to 2019.

The saga was prior to Fury, 22, and Hague, meeting on Love Island, and Paul continued the trolling by claiming DJ Dawe's recent song release, titled 'Goodbye', was written about the social media star.

It's not a topic Paul will be dropping anytime soon it seems, then adding a picture of Dawe standing next to another individual, with Hague's face photo-shopped in.

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He also shared screenshots of texts with his own partner, mocking 'Timmy' Fury's suggestion by saying: "I just wanna say you're the best side chick ever and I love playing dance mat with you."

Rose herself got in on the act with a post of her and Paul hugging, saying: "she wouldn't want to be anyone else's side chick", and previewing the couple doing the same pose in 34 days, when the YouTuber and Fury clash.

Further images followed from Paul of Tyson Fury holding a chicken, and then the same post but with Paul's head photo-shopped over 'The Gypsy King', and Rose's head in place of the animal, making reference to the 'sidechick' joke.

Paul and Fury have not met face to face since a heated backstage altercation at a show in Cleveland in September, which paved the way for them to finally negotiate a bout.

And the ill-feeling the duo have displayed to each other online is unlikely to slow down prior to their bout.

Tyson Fury has also been taunting Paul in the build-up to the fight, with the heavyweight champion training his brother.

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