Jake Paul promised official boxing ranking if he beats Hasim Rahman Jr

The World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has claimed that Jake Paul would earn an official ranking if he wins his fight next weekend.

Even though the YouTuber has never defeated a professional boxer in his career, he could be granted an official rank if he beats Hasim Rahman Jr, Sulaiman said. Paul could find his way onto the top 40 list at either light-heavyweight or cruiserweight.

“Coming on August 6, Jake Paul will take on Hasim Rahman Jr. Winning this fight will earn him a World Boxing Council ranking,” stated Sulaiman. But the move – which some feel has been done out of the size of Paul’s name and social prestige more than his boxing pedigree – has not gone down well with boxing fans and reporters alike.

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“This is the dumbest thing I’ve read since scouring two separate lawsuits that say boxing promoters made payments to Sports Consulting Services, allegedly funnelling money to the WBA in a cash-for-ranking scheme,” said boxing journalist Alan Dawson. “These sanctioning bodies are making actual boxing a clown show.”

While fans were equally venomous. One wrote: “What a joke of a sport allowing that to happen.” Another stated: “Boxing entering into the Sports Entertainment business. What a fall from grace.” A third wrote: “Embarrassing. Opportunity to monetise his position. Prestige of WBC has now gone.”

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Someone wrote: “If @jakepaul beats @_HasimRahmanJr he will get a wbc world ranking. This is the 1st boxer Jake Paul has ever fought. Rahman isn't ranked by none of the sanctioning world bodies. He is currently ranked on box rec at 219th in the world and 53 in America in his division. @WBCBoxing Calling him a professional when he hasn't fought an actual boxer before.”

Jake Paul is back in action on August 6 when he takes on Rahman Jr at the historic Madison Square Garden, with the Problem Child going up against his first true boxer.


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