Katie Taylor defends world titles against Natasha Jonas but will the Irish star lose her unbeatable reputation?

Katie Taylor defends her world titles tonight, but could Natasha Jonas inflict a stunning upset defeat on the Irish star? The Panel have made their predictions…

The undisputed world lightweight champion faces Jonas on the Chisora vs Parker bill, live on Sky Sports Box Office, in a repeat of their epic encounter at the London 2012 Olympics, which Taylor won on points.

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But could Jonas take Taylor’s belts and end her perfect professional record at the AO Arena in Manchester?

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Carl Froch

Katie Taylor had two wars with Delfine Persoon, one of which I thought she was a bit fortunate to get the decision. I scored the first fight to Persoon.


There is every chance that those tough fights could catch up with her. I think Natasha Jonas will be much better than many people expect.

It’s a good fight, but I just see Taylor producing another dominant performance. She’s got such a high work-rate and she’s tough as well, she can take a shot.

I don’t think Taylor can stop Jonas, who will be at her fittest and her best. Taylor will win on points.

Matthew Macklin

Natasha Jonas showed against Terri Harper that she’s very good at sitting in the pocket and fighting on the inside. One of Katie Taylor’s best attributes are her feet, and she’ll be in and out, using that hand speed. If Taylor can keep it at long range, let flurries of punches go, then get back out again. That’s probably the best game-plan for Katie.

Sometimes the heart rules the head, we’ve seen that with Katie Taylor before. Certainly in the first fight against Persoon, she really got dragged in. If she stands there too long with Natasha, there could definitely be some explosive moments, but I think Taylor will win on points.

Tony Bellew

Natasha Jonas has got all the skills to do it, but Katie Taylor has looked unbeatable at times.

Tasha has got to adopt the same approach as Delfine Persoon who pushed Taylor all the way at Madison Square Garden. She’s just got to jump on her and not stop, and that is the only way to beat Katie Taylor. You’re not going to defeat Taylor in a boxing match. You’ve got to get close and work non-stop.

I’m hoping that Tasha can pull it off. She would be the first undisputed world champion from our great city and I’m just urging her to do it. She’s definitely capable of victory, she’s there on merit. Tasha will have to gain Taylor’s respect immediately, if she’s going to win on points.

Johnny Nelson

I’m a massive fan of Natasha Jonas, because she was put in the position of underdog, and I actually thought she won against Terri Harper.

Now she’s getting in the ring with her old foe. I saw them both box at the Olympics, and it was a cracking fight. One thing I noticed then, the same thing I notice now, Katie’s punch output is three times more than Natasha.

Jonas must fine-tune the game-plan, otherwise Taylor will outpoint her. But if Taylor is underestimating Jonas in any way, she’ll get turned over. Don’t think that Jonas is past her best, because she’s not, and she’s proved it. I just don’t think she’s busy enough. We could see some drama, but I think Taylor will win a close points decision.

David Coldwell

If Katie Taylor is still fresh, I think she wins on points. Katie is very disciplined, very well schooled, and she understands what she needs to do in these big fights.

Tasha coming off the back of that last performance against Terri Harper, she’ll be more confident. She will look to catch Taylor with some bombs, but I think Katie will be just one step ahead of her.

It will be a good, competitive fight, but I don’t think there will be any controversy about the scoring.

Spencer Oliver

Natasha Jonas will see this as a massive opportunity. She’ll be thinking, ‘There’s no pressure on my shoulders.’ Natasha is also coming off that draw with Terri Harper, where I felt she was very unlucky not to win, as did a lot of people. She’ll be going in with added confidence.

Jonas will be pushing forward, she’s heavy-handed, and she will try to force the pace. But Katie Taylor’s speed of hand and speed of foot will ultimately prove crucial in a competitive fight. The eye-catching punches could come from Taylor, which will sway the judges. I think Katie will win a close points decision.

Andy Clarke

I think Taylor will win on points. It’s going to be a great fight all the way through, but I just feel that Taylor will be a step ahead of Jonas. It might end up being one of those fights where on the cards, it’s quite wide, and Jonas doesn’t really get too much reward for what she’s done.

I can see there being plenty of rounds where Jonas is absolutely in the fight, but is edged out by Taylor. It could well be competitive in every round, but Jonas doesn’t quite do enough to win many of them.

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