KSI's victory over Fournier overturned with result now a 'no decision'

KSI’s victory over Joe Fournier has been OVERTURNED following a post-fight investigation, with the result now a ‘no decision’… but the YouTuber has NOT been disqualified with the elbow judged to be accidental

  • The fight between KSI and Joe Fournier has been ruled a ‘no decision’ by the PBA 
  • KSI initially won by second-round TKO but the winning shot was an illegal elbow
  • Fournier appealed the result with the PBA agreeing to overturn the knockout 

YouTuber KSI has seen his TKO victory over Joe Fournier overturned, with the result changed to a ‘no decision’ following a post-fight review. 

‘The Nightmare’ appeared to have ended the eagerly-anticipated contest in the second round, as he knocked Fournier out clean with a short right hand on Saturday, May 13. 

Replays showed the knockout blow had come from a forearm, however, with Fournier left enraged, before immediately submitting an appeal to the Professional Boxing Association. 

KSI was comfortably winning the fight before the incident, however, and the PBA – following their investigation – have decided the elbow was accidental, therefore changing the result to a ‘no decision’, rather than disqualifying him. 

The result will now not sit on either fighter’s record, with KSI therefore remaining unbeaten.

KSI (L) has had his TKO victory over Joe Fournier (R) overturned following an investigation

Fournier, 40, appealed to the PBA after being knocked out by an elbow in the second round

A statement from the PBA on Friday read: ‘Today, on 19th May 2023 Mr Joe Fournier and KSI were advised of a ‘Reviewed Decision’ that was undertaken by Mr Gareth Morris, the referee in charge of the bout on Saturday 13th May 2023 at the OVO Arena, Wembley, London, United Kingdom.

‘Mr Fournier had submitted a protest and KSI responded following KSI’s Technical Knockout win in the second round of the fight.

‘After a thorough review of the evidence and representations, along with the assistance of Mr Micky Vann (the Supervisor in charge) and an eminent Barrister (Mr Gul Nawaz Hussain KC of 33 Bedford Row Chambers, London) where necessary, Mr Morris came to an independent decision.

‘Even though KSI was winning the fight, the blow with the forearm/elbow has been found to be accidental and the obvious disappointment that will follow, it has been decided that the contest is declared a No Decision in accordance with the Rules.

‘The PBA has conducted the review properly, fairly and with legal assistance throughout as the bout was sanctioned and regulated under the unified rules of boxing.

‘We have ensured that this process was conducted swiftly and fairly to uphold the integrity of boxing.’

The forearm was initially missed by the officials at the OVO Arena Wembley, as KSI celebrated with his team in the immediate aftermath before doing press-ups in the ring. 

The YouTuber then squared off against social media rival Tommy Fury – who defeated Jake Paul in February – with both fighters signalling their intention to set up a fight before the end of the year.

Neither KSI or in fact the referee in charge initially realised an illegal shot had been thrown 

Fournier described the incident as a ‘clear elbow’ and called for the decision to be overturned

Fournier, who believed the elbow was deliberate, spoke to Mail Sport of his anger following the fight, however. Mail Sport has again been in touch with Fournier since the result was overturned. 

He said: ‘Good morning London. Well, we have some news. I’m still undefeated. Still, no-one can knock me out, and we’re back baby! 

‘The PBA have ruled it is officially a no-contest. It was an illegal elbow, I’m still undefeated and I still look brand new. I want to thank the Daily Mail, though, because they were the first to put it out. 

‘I’ve had millions of messages to my Instagram from well-wishers, including big-name athletes and celebrities saying they couldn’t believe the referee didn’t see it. 

‘But the PFA have made up for it, and so did DAZN, Misfits and Wasserman, to make sure their was a fair shout to the athletes who sacrifice a lot to be on these cards. Now you know, if there’s any dodgy, that they rectify it. Respect, and you know where we’re now at: the rematch!’

More to follow… 

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