Oleksandr Usyk returns to family home which was trashed by Russians

Oleksandr Usyk returns to his family home in Ukraine which had been occupied and trashed by Russians following invasion – as world heavyweight champion unfurls the national flag in his garden

  • Oleksandr Usyk has been pictured standing outside his family home in Ukraine
  • The house had been taken over by Russians whilst he was out the country
  • Usyk had been away preparing to fight Britain’s Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia
  • The house had reportedly been used as a base by Russia, and it was then trashed
  • Images have surfaced showing the damage done, but Usyk is now back home 

Oleksandr Usyk has seemingly returned to his family home, which was occupied by Russian soldiers, in Vorzel, Ukraine.

The world champion’s house was destroyed while he was out the country fighting Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, but images have today surfaced of the 35-year-old standing back outside his home with a Ukraine flag raised.

Usyk’s wife, Yekaterina, posted an image on social media of the house looking worse for wear, but it is now back in the hands of the rightful owner.

Oleksandr Usyk has returned to his home after Russians took it over following their invasion

Usyk had been out the country fighting Anthony Joshua in a world heavyweight clash

It has been reported in recent days that Ukraine forces have taken back significant amounts of land from Russia following the country’s invasion, which began earlier this year.

It’s unclear if Usyk getting his house back was part of that, but the heavyweight is safely back in his home.

It has been reported that the house was used as a base by the Russian, before they trashed it and left.

The letters ‘V’ and ‘Z’ – which Russians use to mark their equipment and bases – were sprayed on the front of the house.

Images shared on social media by Usyk’s wife Yekaterina showed the damage that was done

The Usyks have got their home back, but Ukraine is still under threat from Russian invasion

In the image shared by Yekaterina Usyk, the garden is dug up with rubble scattered across the grass.

Debris is clearly visible, but a dog can be seen sniffing around as the family assumingly assess their surroundings.

The caption, written in Russian, roughly translates to: ‘The Russian world arrived at my house. Animals. They ruined everything, as always.’

In a follow up image, Usyk himself stands outside the gate, with the ‘V’ and ‘Z’ still visible though painted over, hands in pockets next to the Ukrainian flag.

Usyk had spent time fighting the invasion in Ukraine earlier this year, but left at the request of president Volodymyr Zelensky to battle Joshua in a much-anticipated heavyweight rematch.

Usyk won via split decision last month, and has now returned home in a bid to help his country further. 

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