Tommy Fury vows to 'break every bone' in Jake Paul's face

Tommy Fury vows to ‘break every bone’ in Jake Paul’s face for ‘every bad thing he has said’ as war of words with YouTuber-turned-boxer hots up… and Brit admits he would take a bout ‘in a heartbeat’ to exact revenge

  • The grudge between Tommy Fury and YouTube boxer Jake Paul has heated up 
  • Fury has taken aim at rival Paul for dragging his partner into their war of words 
  • He told Sky Sports that he will ‘break every bone’ in Paul’s face should they fight 
  • Fury, younger brother of Tyson, will make his US debut against Anthony Taylor 

Tommy Fury has angrily taken another swipe at Jake Paul for dragging his family into their bitter war of words, and vowed to ‘break every bone’ in the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s face if the two face off in the future.

Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight titan Tyson, will take on Bellator MMA fighter Anthony Taylor on the undercard of Paul’s bout against Tyron Woodley on August 29, in what will be his debut in the US.

And ahead of both rivals stepping into the ring against separate opponents, the prospect of them eventually scrapping with each other is increasingly likely, especially in light of the ugly grudge between them.

Tommy Fury has taken another swipe at Jake Paul by vowing to break ‘every bone in his face’

In the latest grim twist, Paul mocked Fury’s girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague, and claimed that she had sent him a direct message back in 2018, forcing Fury to then respond and label the online influencer as ‘fake’. 

After Fury had launched a verbal attack against Paul, the youngest of the siblings shared the screenshot of the message he claims he received from Molly-Mae before she met her partner on Love Island. She says it was faked.

Tommy has now responded, and plans to exact his revenge. He told Sky Sports: ‘I’m thick-skinned. I’m a professional athlete. These boys ain’t. These boys play games on the internet and run around for a living.

Fury is set to make his debut in the US on the undercard of Paul’s bout against Tyron Woodley

Bullish YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul dragged Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague into their grudge

‘I fight hard for a living. I will let my fists do the talking. For every bad thing he has said, he will get a swift right hand for it.

‘I will break every bone in his face. You don’t bring people’s loved ones into it. It’s a fight. It’s nothing to do with them, leave them out of it.’

Fury – who will look to extend his unbeaten record against Taylor, a sparring partner of Paul’s – also believes the spat will help broker a fight against him, but says that the decision will ultimately lie with the 24-year-old’s camp. 

Quizzed over the prospect of a bout, Fury said: ‘I would assume so. They are doing it to build the fight. I’m here and I want the fight. I will take it in a heartbeat.

Paul claimed Molly-Mae (pictured with Fury) sent him a message in 2018, which she has denied

Fury has been hard at work as he gears up for his next fight against Anthony Taylor this month

‘The ball is in his court. It always has been. He’s the one who controls everything. It’s either yay or nay.

‘I’m over the talking. Let’s get it on. Let’s put it to bed. Enough social media chat, which he loves. Let’s get in the ring and fight.

‘Stop making excuses, and make the fight next!’

Paul has won all three of his fights as a professional by knockout. His next bout against Woodley, however, is set to be his biggest challenge yet, with his opponent in Cleveland, Ohio a seasoned MMA star.

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