2023 Colorado state track meet, Day 2: Live results from Jeffco Stadium

It’s Day 2 of the Colorado high school state track and field meet at Jeffco Stadium in Lakewood. The Denver Post is there throughout the weekend providing live coverage. Refresh this page for the latest updates and results, in addition to the daily schedule of events, which is at the bottom of this page.

Thursday headlines

  • Windsor’s Cameron Thomas makes lasting impression in short time as state champion pole vaulter
  • State notebook: Grand Junction’s Miller Jones overcomes anxiety, wins Class 4A long jump title at Jeffco Stadium
  • State Track Day 1 Highlights: Heritage Christian’s Jack Nauman, a CU commit, wins 2A 3,200-meter run with crunch-time kick; Kelleghan becomes three-time state champion


Back at it (8:15 a.m.): After a sunny, rainy, sunny, then rainy again first day of state track and field, we’ve back at Jeffco Stadium for more of the same. There’s all sorts of storylines hanging out there today, including Vista Ridge’s Brandon Hills going for his second Class 5A boys long jump title, Mountain Vista’s Tyler Downs locking horns with Fort Collins’ Christian Groendyk in the 5A boys 3200, and a loaded 5A girls 3200 field that includes Pomona’s Emma Stutzman (Northern Arizona), Valor’s Brooke Wilson (Wake Forest), Arapahoe’s Ava Mitchell (Northern Arizona) and Air Academy junior Bethany Michalak. Should be a fun one … as long as we can keep those lightning strikes away. — Matt Schubert

Championship winners

5A boys

3200 relay: Mountain Vista, 7:42.58*. High jump: Kaleb Kimaita (Horizon), 6-6. Triple jump: Micah Dobson (Rangeview), 46-1.5. Shot put: Charlie Lafore (Chatfield), 55-8.75.

5A girls

3200 relay: Mountain Vista, 9:05.05. High jump: Farrah Eike (Valor Christian), 5-5. Triple jump: Joy Nnantah (Pine Creek), 38-5.75. Shot put: Ella Brooks (Ralston Valley), 37-3.75.

4A boys

3200: Will Brunner (Battle Mountain), 9:26.76. 3200 relay: Niwot, 7:53.31. Long jump: Miller Jones (Grand Junction), 23-4. Pole vault: Cameron Thomas (Windsor), 15-6. Discus: Daniel Baroumbaye (Grand Junction Central), 194-11+.

4A girls

3200: Addison Ritzenhein (Niwot), 10:30.05. 3200 relay: Niwot, 9:22.60. Long jump: Brianna Tira (Falcon), 17-11.25. Pole vault: Megan Kelleghan (Silver Creek), 13-5+. Discus: Geneva Gigi (Palmer Ridge), 135-9.

3A boys

3200 relay: Estes Park, 8:05.14. Long jump: Jamison Taylor (Harrison), 22-6.5. Shot put: Johnny Whyrick (University), 52-10.5.

3A girls

3200 relay: Alamosa, 9:46.61. High jump: Addison Alexander (Brush), 5-3.

2A boys

3200: Jack Nauman (Heritage Christian), 9:45.21. 3200 relay: Peyton, 8:16.27. Triple jump: Brady Mollendor (Sedgwick County), 44-3.5. Pole vault: Ron Shay (Wray), 14-1. Discus: Kenyon Cochrane (Rangely), 157-3.

2A girls

3200: Mikaela Kendall (Heritage Christian), 11:46.99. 3200 relay: Timnath, 10:14.83. High jump: Eboselulu Omofoma (Dayspring Christian), 5-1. Triple jump: Eboselulu Omofoma (Dayspring Christian), 36-5.

1A boys

3200: Josh Snyder (Cheraw), 10:28.64. Discus: John Hainer (Granada), 142-10.

1A girls

3200: Kya Piel (Merino), 12:18.61. 800 medley relay: Fleming, 1:53.35. Long jump: Emily Hume (Walsh), 16-2. Shot put: Zadie Mackey (Elbert), 39-3.5.

* Colorado prep record  | + State meet record

Friday’s schedule



8:10 a.m.National anthem
8:20 a.m.3ABoys3200m runFINAL
8:40 a.m.3AGirls3200m runFINAL
9 a.m.3ABoys4x100m relayPrelim
9:08 a.m.3AGirls4x100m relayPrelim
9:15 a.m.4ABoys4x100m relayPrelim
9:23 a.m.4AGirls4x100m relayPrelim
9:35 a.m.2ABoys4x100m relayPrelim
9:43 a.m.2AGirls4x100m relayPrelim
9:50 a.m.5ABoys4x100m relayPrelim
9:58 a.m.5AGirls4x100m relayPrelim
10:10 a.m.5ABoys3200m runFINAL
10:30 a.m.5AGirls3200m runFINAL
10:50 a.m.3ABoys300m hurdlesPrelim
10:55 a.m.4ABoys300m hurdlesPrelim
11 a.m.2ABoys300m hurdlesPrelim
11:05 a.m.5ABoys300m hurdlesPrelim
11:15 a.m.3AGirls300m hurdlesPrelim
11:20 a.m.4AGirls300m hurdlesPrelim
11:25 a.m.2AGirls300m hurdlesPrelim
11:30 a.m.5AGirls300m hurdlesPrelim
11:40 a.m.Break
11:55 a.m.3AGirls800m medley relayFINAL
Noon4AGirls800m medley relayFINAL
12:05 p.m.2AGirls800m medley relayFINAL
12:10 p.m.5AGirls800m medley relayFINAL
12:20 p.m.1ABoys800m runFINAL
12:25 p.m.1AGirls800m runFINAL
12:30 p.m.2ABoys800m runFINAL
12:35 p.m.2AGirls800m runFINAL
12:40 p.m.4ABoys800m runFINAL
12:45 p.m.4AGirls800m runFINAL
12:50 p.m.3ABoys800m runFINAL
12:55 p.m.3AGirls800m runFINAL
1 p.m.5ABoys800m runFINAL
1:05 p.m.5AGirls800m runFINAL
1:20 p.m.1ABoys4x200m relayFINAL
1:25 p.m.1AGirls4x200m relayFINAL
1:30 p.m.3ABoys4x200m relayFINAL
1:35 p.m.3AGirls4x200m relayFINAL
1:40 p.m.4ABoys4x200m relayFINAL
1:45 p.m.4AGirls4x200m relayFINAL
1:50 p.m.2ABoys4x200m relayFINAL
1:55 p.m.2AGirls4x200m relayFINAL
2 p.m.5ABoys4x200m relayFINAL
2:05 p.m.5AGirls4x200m relayFINAL
2:10 p.m.Past champions
2:30 p.m.1ABoys4x800m relayFINAL
2:50 p.m.1AGirls4x800m relayFINAL
3:10 p.m.3ABoys4x400m relayPrelim
3:23 p.m.3AGirls4x400m relayPrelim
3:35 p.m.4ABoys4x400m relayPrelim
3:48 p.m.4AGirls4x400m relayPrelim
4 p.m.2ABoys4x400m relayPrelim
4:13 p.m.2AGirls4x400m relayPrelim
4:25 p.m.5ABoys4x400m relayPrelim
4:38 p.m.5AGirls4x400m relayPrelim



Pole Vault3ABoys8:30 a.m.
3AGirls11:30 a.m.
2AGirls2:30 p.m.

High Jump1ABoys8:30 a.m.
4AGirls10:30 a.m.
4ABoys1:30 p.m.

Long Jump3AGirls8:30 a.m.
5ABoys11 a.m.
Paralympic/Special Olympic12:30 p.m.
5AGirls2 p.m.

Triple Jump1AGirls8:30 a.m.
3ABoys10 a.m.
1ABoys12:30 p.m.

Shot Put2ABoys8:30 a.m.
4AGirls10:30 a.m.
Paralympic/Special Olympic11:45 a.m.
3AGirls12:30 p.m.

Discus3ABoys8:30 a.m.
2AGirls11 a.m.
1AGirls1:30 p.m.
Paralympic/Special Olympic4 p.m.

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