LOOK: The Red Sox Twitter account celebrated the World Series by exposing old takes

Not only did the Red Sox win the World Series of baseball on Sunday night, they also won the World Series of pettiness. Yes, they pulled a power petty move by blasting “New York, New York” in the clubhouse as they celebrated in the visiting clubhouse of Dodger Stadium, but that was only the beginning of the petty parade.

As the team partied into the night, the Red Sox official Twitter account decided to have some fun by revisiting old replies from an Opening Day tweet. You see, the Red Sox lost Game 1 of 162 to the Tampa Bay Rays, a disappointing result but certainly not the end of the world. Or, clearly, the end of the season.

You’ll never believe this, but it turns out that some people may have overreacted just a tad to that Opening Day loss, and the Red Sox waited about seven months to put them on blast for it. It was worth the wait.

At least this guy had the right idea.

Some people may suggest that there are better ways for a team account to spend the immediate hours after winning a championship, but don’t listen to those people. This is a hilarious stunt by the Sox account. I like to imagine the social media manager responsible for this being drenched in champagne while pulling receipts and giggling maniacally through the night. 

Congrats on achieving so much this year, Red Sox, including the most extreme level of petty I could ever imagine.

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