2021 NBA mock draft: Updated picks and latest movement

With the NBA’s play-in tournament complete, we now know which teams will be in next month’s NBA draft lottery, which will determine who has the top four picks in the 2021 NBA draft. For now, however, we can line the teams up based on their pre-lottery draft order to get a sense of whom these teams could be targeting when the draft rolls around in July. This draft class is loaded at the top, with a quintet of players who all have star potential, meaning it won’t just be about who lands the top pick.

In addition to the lottery, a handful of draft-order ties will be broken by random draw next week, and we’ve noted those below.

Things could change a lot in the two months until the 2021 NBA draft, and things could change a lot between now and then, particularly as the 14 non-playoff teams shift fully into draft mode with their seasons now officially over. Using our latest intel and scouting, here’s how we currently have things projected for all 60 picks.

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