Boris Becker hated grim first meal behind bars as he faces reality of prison

Boris Becker is furious with his first meal behind bars as he faces the reality of prison after being jailed for two-and-a-half years.

The tennis legend was jailed last month after concealing £2.5million when he was declared bankrupt back in 2017. Since arriving in prison, he is said to have complained about the food and is unable to sleep due to the "constant noise" and the smell of Wandsworth Prison, where he is being held.

A source told The Sun that Becker was served corned beef for one of his first meals, a far cry from his favourite meal of fillet steak and lobster surf and turf.

“He is having a rough time and the worst thing of all is the food," revealed the source. “He cannot believe how bad it is and how small the portions are. One of his first meals was corned beef, which wasn’t good.

“But he will have to get used to it. He is also shocked at the lack of hygiene at the prison because it’s so overcrowded. The conditions are miserable, almost inhumane. It can get cold in the cells and there’s hardly any daylight.

“It is all a massive shock to his system but he seems to be being treated ok.”

Becker is known for his love of Cuban cigars, fine wines and posh restaurants but is currently being held in a six metre square cell, which he is locked in between 8pm and 7am.

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He is given an allowance of £10 a week, which he is said to be spending on chocolate, biscuits and bananas to top up his prison meals.

The 54-year-old currently has his own cell, unlike most inmates who are forced to share, and has reportedly been told he will be moved to a softer prison in the coming weeks.

His girlfriend Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro has already visited him at Wandsworth Prison, where he has been held since being sentenced.

Becker is expected to serve 15 months behind bars but could be deported once he is released, due to not having British citizenship.

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