Dutch Olympic cyclist has no recollection of horror GB crash after breaking bones

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Dutch cyclist Laurine van Riessen suffered a broken collarbone and broken ribs in her crash with Katy Marchant in the velodrome on Thursday and reportedly can’t remember the incident. The two riders were favourites to advance in their keirin semi-final before disaster struck on the final lap.

Marchant began to make her move on the outside in the penultimate bend, needing to get past Van Riessen.

But the Dutch rider lost control of her front wheel before crashing into her rival.

The pair fell to the ground hard as the four other riders continued to finish the race.

Marchant was able to get back up on her bike and finish, but medics rushed to the aid of Van Riessen who still lay stricken on the track.

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It was later revealed that Van Riessen had to be stretchered off after being briefly knocked unconcious.

She was rushed off to hospital where it was confirmed that she had suffered a number of injuries.

As well as breaking her collarbone and ribs, the Dutch cyclist also suffered a bruised lung.

Van Riessen can’t remember the incident with Marchant but she is said to be feeling ‘well’.


“She is well, but can’t remember the fall,” said a spokesperson for the Dutch track team.

“She was able to make it clear that the pain mainly concerns her shoulder. The team doctor is with her.”

The fall for Marchant ended her chance of a medal in the keirin, but her main focus immediately after the race was for the well-being of Van Riessen.

“I think that’s just bike racing, wrong place wrong time but I just hope everyone’s alright that was in the crash.

“I think I’m alright, just a bit battered and bruised but yeah I’m alright,” Marchant said afterwards.

“I’m not really sure what happened, I was so focused on moving forward and I’m not sure whether she clipped somebody at the side and as she fell her wheels just took mine out.

“I needed to finish the race in case there was something that came up on the results of a relegation or anything.

“I’m not really sure what happened but it was just wrong place, wrong time and I just got caught up in it.”

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