Kawhi Leonard booed aggressively by Lakers fans in Clippers debut on NBA opening night

Los Angeles Lakers fans made their feelings on Kawhi Leonard snubbing them in free agency abundantly clear as his name was read out for the LA Clippers on NBA opening night.

After Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to a franchise-first NBA championship, a move to Los Angeles in free agency was expected.

The only unknown was which team he would be joining.

The Clippers had been the overwhelming favourites for the months leading up to free agency.

But reports appeared to suggest the Lakers were more at play than first thought, with both LeBron James and Anthony Davis involved in the pitch to try and recruit him.

Lakers fans began dreaming of a ‘Big Three’ of AD, LeBron and Kawhi.

However, he eventually chose to sign for the Clippers to the dismay of all Laker fans.

It wouldn’t take long for him to be reacquainted with those same Laker fans though with the Clippers taking on their Staples Center rivals on NBA opening night.

The Clippers were listed as the home team, but it was quickly apparent that their fans were vastly outnumbered by Laker fans.

As the starting line-ups were read out, the Clippers players were roundly booed.

But the loudest outcry came when Leonard’s name was read out, with Laker fans drowning the stadium in boos.

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