Kevin Durant on Draymond Green confrontation aftermath: ‘We rallied around it’

Kevin Durant was blunt with a reporter when he asked about Draymond Green a couple of days after the two got into a confrontation on the bench during an overtime loss to the Clippers.

“Don’t ask me about that again,” he said.

It was a straightforward comment, and one some might even refer to as rude, but Durant really did want to move on and he told The Athletic as much this week.

“I just try to stay focused on ball and lose myself in the game,” Durant told The Athletic. “There were times where I don’t shoot the ball well, times where the game doesn’t go my way, but I try to get lost in the game to get through a time like that. Adversity happens everywhere, happens to teams, and we rallied around it. It happens, and you lean on your love for the game.

“Over the course of the year, sometimes it’s tough to go to practice, tough stretches on long road trips. You run into obstacles and you just get through it.”

Durant and Green’s confrontation in November was the talk of the NBA for weeks.

Golden State went on lose four of its next five games and six of its next 10. Green was suspended, then went out with an injury and Stephen Curry remained on the bench with a groin problem.

And Durant could not escape the questions about Green. He then made the “don’t ask me about that” comment and the questions stopped coming. The conversations didn’t, though. During that time Durant sought out advice on how to deal with the situation.

“People I lean on told me to stay centerfield with my thoughts and my feelings,” Durant said. “I received so many people reaching out; my former coaches saying to stay centered, stay measured, stay pushing forward and keeping my foot on the gas. At that time, we were losing games, and people were banged up, so it’s easy to go the other way when you’re searching for answers. It was about staying positive and going to work.”

In the weeks after the argument on the bench with Green the Warriors struggled, but they have since bounced back as they are currently on a four-game winning streak and are winners of seven of their last nine.

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Curry is back and even DeMarcus Cousins is starting to get closer to a return. The Warriors are winning again and Durant is second in the NBA in scoring at 28.8 points per game. The game has figured itself out and head coach Steve Kerr can see things coming back to his team.

“I do feel the momentum building,” Kerr said after Golden State’s 116-108 win over the Timberwolves on Monday. “I felt it before tonight actually. We’re primed to get on a little run.”

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