NBA finals tickets in Denver already for sale

Nuggets fans can already buy tickets to see the team’s first appearance in the NBA Finals in franchise history, but the tickets to see the historic games come at a steep price.

The Nuggets finished a sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals Monday night with a 113-111 win.

Their opponents in the finals are still yet to be determined between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, but that could be decided Tuesday night as the Heat lead the Celtics 3-0 going into Game 4. However, fans can already buy tickets to the first four games in the finals series.

All tickets on Ticketmaster, the NBA’s official ticketing partner, are for resale only. Ball Arena’s box office is currently closed, and their website refers users to Ticketmaster as well.

If the Heat does win, the first two games in the Finals series will be at Ball Arena in Denver. If the Celtics win, the Nuggets will be at home for Game 3 and 4 in the Finals.

Resale tickets for the first game, June 1, start at $750 for nosebleed seats on Ticketmaster.

Courtside seats start at $6,000 and go up to $25,000.

Tickets start at $763 for the second game, $849 for the third game and $995 for the third game.

So should fans buy tickets now to get in fast or wait it out and hope for a good deal?

Kyle Zorn, senior brand manager at TickPick, a secondary ticket marketplace, said it could definitely save fans’ wallet to wait it out and plan ahead.

“If you are looking to attend the first or second game at this point, you definitely want to wait it out and use a price tracker to see how many tickets are available and how prices are moving,” Zorn said. “If the matchup is set tonight (if the Heat wins), you’re going to have a lot of purchasing activity, and that activity is going to trigger prices to potentially pop. Over the next few days, the prices are going to normalize to the demand of the market.”

The outcome of the Heat vs. the Celtics also won’t have too much of an impact on prices, Zorn said, since neither team is a Nuggets rival.

In the meantime, Zorn said there are several ways to get the best deal by taking it slow.

Since all of the tickets available now are resale tickets, every secondary marketplace, including Ticketmaster right now, has basically the same tickets, so interested fans should shop around on trusted resale sites to find the cheapest option.

Tickpick also has a free price tracking tool in their app to see how many tickets there are for a specific game and how the prices are trending.

Fans should also make sure the marketplace they buy from has a ticket guarantee to protect their purchase since the tickets are so expensive.

As for specific games fans want to see, the first opening night game’s prices will stay pretty steady, but the second game could have sharper increases and decreases, Zorn said.

Fans who want to try and catch a potential closeout game will have to plan to buy early because the prices for that game will go up as the game gets closer, especially a home closeout game.

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