Olympian vomits on himself before collapsing in exhaustion – but still finishes

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Japanese athlete Masatora Kawano vomited on himself before hitting the ground in frustration during the Olympic 50 kilometres race.

The race walker showed unbelievable spirit to pick himself up after vomiting from exhaustion to finish an intense 50-kilometre walk in sixth place.

It was an eagle-eyed BBC commentator who noticed Kawano’s situation, reporting: "Oh, that was a little bit of vomit there, I think.

"That's a real shame, but it looks like Kawano's race is over, and you can see the frustration there."

Kawano was in medal contention before his stomach turned, as he appeared to vomit on himself whilst still racing before collapsing to the ground and smacking the floor in anguish.

Even with his medal hopes vanishing in front of his eyes, Kawano showed the Olympic drive and determination to finish the race in a respectable position.

Kawano was not alone in his struggles.

An unbelievable 20 per cent of athletes competing in the 50km race failed to complete it, with the race taking place in the sweltering 31 degrees Tokyo heat.

Some might say that Kawano’s mishap was not the most embarrassing in the race, as Guatemalan athlete Erick Barrondo was caught pouring cold water down his private parts to deal with the intense heat and humidity.

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But Barrondo’s moment was in vain, as he was caught lifting his foot on multiple occasions, resulting in him being disqualified from the race.

The rules dictate that race walkers must keep their leading leg straight as their foot connects with the ground.

They must also have one foot touching the ground at all times.

As well as abiding by these regulations, competitors must also ensure that their leg says straight until it passes underneath their body.

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Poland's Dawid Tomala put in an impressive display to lay claim to the gold medal, finishing in under four hours with a time of 3:50:08.

German race walker Jonathan Hilbert came in shortly after, following Towala into second place to win the silver medal.

There was an exciting twist in the battle for third place, with a last-gasp charge from Canada's Evan Dunfee enough to bring home the bronze medal ahead of Spain’s Marc Tur.

These may be the last medalists in this event, as the 50-kilometre race has been dropped ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics and may never return.

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