On NBA draft night, league planned ahead to get right hats in players’ hands

In any normal year, NBA draft picks walk to the stage after being selected and receive a hat from a league staffer before shaking hands with the commissioner and posing for photos.

With this year's draft going virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there weren't any photo-ops onstage with Adam Silver. So how did draft picks get a hat of their new team? The NBA planned ahead.

The league sent 30 of the top prospects a "gifting locker" with swag from some of the NBA's top partners like Spalding, New Era, Beats by Dre and Oculus. The box included a hat for every team, so the player would have the right one when his name was called, or after any trades. (There's nothing sillier than a player wearing the hat of a team he'll never play for.)

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