Packers warned over 49ers trick plays with Jimmy Garoppolo in NFC title game

The Green Bay Packers have been warned to be on guard for trick plays from the San Francisco 49ers early on in Sunday's NFC Championship game.

The two high-powered offences clash in a bid to reach the Super Bowl.

The 49ers have been known for their creativity on offence, with Jimmy Garoppolo leading the charge under the guidance of innovative head coach Kyle Shanahan.

NFL Hall of Famer Morten Andersen believes they will get tricky early on in a bid to throw the Packers off and take an early grasp of the game.

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Andersen, ambassador for betting comparison site , said: "The Niners, and they have a really good head coach who knows offence as well as anybody.

"He'll have a trick play – he'll have one or two where we say 'wow, that was really creative'.

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"The first ten plays are scripted anyway, so you'll get a really good feel in those ten plays about what they want to do.

"They'll probably bring a wrinkle in those first ten plays, then we'll see where the game goes."

Jimmy Garoppolo will lead the offence in the biggest game of his career so far.

Andersen has backed Garoppolo to maintain his poise – as long as he does not get too caught up with trying to emulate the big-play abilities of Aaron Rodgers on the opposite sideline.

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"I think the danger is when you play Rodgers, you start trying to match Rodgers and you can't do that," Andersen said.

"You have to play your game within your scheme, and I think Garoppolo is clever enough to understand that they live off the play-action, they can run the football and it will set things up.

"He's a pocket passer, there's no question about it, he's not a guy that really wants to run around a whole bunch, but he's very accurate on the throws and he has weapons.

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"If he can get the running game going, that will really help him. A lot is going to depend on Green Bay's front, how much pressure they can assert and if they can disrupt Garoppolo.

"I think the Niners win based on their defence and their pass pressure on the quarterback. I think Garoppolo will play within the system, and if he doesn't make a ton of mistakes I think they win.

"If he starts turning the ball over and looking ill-advised, which he hasn't really done, then they're in some trouble. But they've looked after the ball and I don't really see that.

"It should be a hell of a match-up."

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