Tom Brady told how to solve Julian Edelman ‘problem’ as Patriots season falters

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have not had enough time to work on their faltering offense the season.

That is the view of former NFL corner Jason Bell, who says Bill Belichick’s team need to find a way to score more points without relying solely on Julian Edelman.

The Patriots have made a 10-3 start to the defence of their Super Bowl crown but have lost three of their last five games.

While their defense is statistically the strongest in the NFL the season, their offense has been faltering compared with previous years.

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One major reason for this is the absence of star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who retired from the NFL last year.

Gronkowski, Brady and the Patriots were unstoppable in times gone by, winning three Super Bowl titles together.

New England are also missing fullback James Develin at the moment while opposition teams are double teaming Brady’s usual go-to man Edelman.

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Former Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and New York Giants star Bell says it takes time for an offense to be fully functioning.

But he has no doubt that the Patriots have problems at the moment in attack.

“What everyone needs to realise is it takes time on offense,” Bell told the NFL Show.

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“You need to understand where you need to be and the quarterback and receiver need to be on the same page but they don’t have that.

“Brady only has that with Edelman but they are double teaming him and forcing the other guys to figure things out.

“It is very difficult problem at this moment in time for the Patriots.”

Two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora agreed with Bell and says Brady is suffering from key absences, especially that of Develin.

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“This is a team that is a sum of its parts and a guy like Devlin missing you might not think it is a big deal,” he added.

“But he is the one that opens the hole for Sonny Michel and Michel is the one who opens the holes for Tom Brady.

“All theses things are interconnected for this football team and they look very lethargic on the offense right now.”

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