7 NFL teams most desperate for Week 8 wins

Let’s be honest – every NFL team enters each week desperate for a win.

But with this list were not going to focus on the teams that are already done (sorry Giants, Raiders, etc) or those that are doing just fine (hello Chiefs, Patriots, Rams).

Nope, here we’re going to focus on those teams in the middle, fighting for their lives.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

It’s time for the Advil, water, Tylenol, cheesesteaks or whatever else it takes to fight through this Super Bowl hangover to kick in because Carson Wentz and Co. need to start getting back to the dominant ways they showed last year. This week they travel to London to face the Jags (a team we’ll get to in a second), where a loss would drop them to 3-5. Sure, the NFC East is kind of a mess and could be gettable for a while, but the more this team loses and the more the phrase “Super Bowl hangover” gets used when bring up their name, the more this team will most likely struggle.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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