Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots score: Live updates, game stats, highlights for ‘Monday Night Football’

It’s been more than two years — 757 days, to be exact — since the Buffalo Bills last defeated the New England Patriots. When they did so, it was just the fifth time in 33 games that the Bills had defeated the Pats during the Bill Belichick era. 

The Patriots have won all three matchups since, making them 31-5 against Buffalo since 2000. In the 18 games played in Buffalo, New England is, incredibly, 16-2. 

Those are the kind of odds the Bills face on Monday night, when they once again host Tom Brady and a Patriots team that looks like it is one of the best in all of football. The Bills themselves, meanwhile, are without rookie quarterback Josh Allen, and they are currently fielding arguably the worst offense of the past 30 years. 

If they’re to come away with an upset win, it will likely be on the strength of their defense, which has been very effective this season despite often being put in disadvantageous situations. Stranger things have happened than Brady and company being shut down during a prime-time game. Considering they’ll be without Sony Michel due to injury, that Rob Gronkowski is playing banged up, and that Josh Gordon is effectively being suspended for about a quarter, it actually wouldn’t be an enormous surprise if they Pats didn’t freely move the ball up and down the field all night. 

If the Bills can force some turnovers and maybe get some points on the board with the offense on the sideline, well, who knows what might happen. Did I sell you on that scenario? No? Well, come join the fun with us anyway. We’ll be live-blogging the festivities all night. 

Thank you for joining us.

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