Cincinnati vs. Tampa Bay: Live updates, score, results, highlights, for Sunday’s NFL game

Cincinnati will square off against Tampa Bay at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Cincinnati has seen their point totals decreasing over the past three games, a vulnerability Tampa Bay are surely hoping to exploit.

There’s no need to mince words: Cincinnati lost to Kansas City last Sunday, and they lost badly. The score wound up at 45-10. 

Meanwhile, it may have taken overtime to finish the job, but Tampa Bay ultimately got the result it was hoping for. They narrowly escaped with a win as the squad sidled past Cleveland 26-23. The victory was some much-needed relief for Tampa Bay as it spelled the end of their three-game losing streak.

Tampa Bay’s victory lifted them to 3-3 while Cincinnati’s defeat dropped them down to 4-3. With four turnovers, Tampa Bay had trouble holding onto the ball. We’ll see if Cincinnati exploit that vulnerability.

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