Cordarrelle Patterson’s F-bomb is picked up on Nickelodeon’s playoff broadcast, and the reaction is hilarious

They teach vocabulary in school, right?

Hot mics are usually not that big of an issue, considering that most people catching NFL playoff games are familiar with such language and are likely to have dropped a few dirty words at some point in their life.

But what happens when the NFL decides to simulcast a playoff game on Nickelodeon?  Hilarity ensues.

Bad language is, typically, overheard during NFL games, especially in a season where there are no or few fans in the stands to drown out the field noise. During the Bears-Saints wild-card matchup on Sunday afternoon, Chicago wideout Cordarrelle Patterson was near an official, who was making a call on a penalty, before he absolutely unloaded a total “WTF” moment within the wavelength of the mic.

Earmuffs warning:

Of course, dropping such an obscenity isn’t uncommon to the common Twitter user, who took notice and chimed in with plenty of memes and reaction following the . . . event. (WARNING: Some Tweets contain NSFW language.)

Well, the kids have to learn at some point, right? 

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