Deestroying calls out Antonio Brown after receiver threatens to sue YouTube star

Antonio Brown went on an Instagram Live rant recently in which he claimed he was going to sue YouTube star Deestroying.

Deestroying’s real name is Donald De La Haye, and you may remember him from a few years ago. He made headlines in 2017 when the NCAA told him to delete or demonetize his YouTube channel if he wanted to stay on the UCF football team as a kicker/punter. He chose his YouTube channel, giving up his scholarship and NCAA eligibility. He’s had plenty of success in that decision — he’s now at over two million subscribers on the platform.

As for his beef with Brown, this all stems from some videos on Deestroying’s channel. In October, Brown and Deestroying collaborated on a video where the former NFL star invited the YouTube personality to his house. In December, the two collaborated again as Deestroying and Brown did some football drills.

This all set up a more recent video where Deestroying issued genuine concern for Brown following the receiver’s arrest in January. Brown was charged with burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief. He’s currently awaiting trial on these charges.

“I know I’m gonna get hate for this video but I don’t care,” he wrote under the video. “I really don’t [give a f—.” Antonio Brown is my friend and I want to see him be better.”

Not too long after this video was uploaded, Brown went on Instagram Live and threatened to sue Deestroying in a bizarre rant. On Tuesday, Deestroying uploaded a video where he went through all of Brown’s points and reacted to them individually.

Warning: video contains explicit language

The part regarding Brown starts at around 3:35.

Brown repeatedly says he’s going to sue Deestroying for “infragment” (he likely means infringement). It’s not completely clear what Brown is getting at in his video, but he seems to be upset that Deestroying is using Brown’s name in videos. But he’s only made three videos of Brown and two were videos that Brown was featured in. And it’s not illegal for him to make a video about Brown where he simply just talks about his friendship.

It’s also not clear if Brown is being completely serious with his video and does plan to sue Deestroying or whether he’s just trying to get more attention to expand his YouTube brand. Also, Deestroying’s YouTube video says he’s being sued, but it doesn’t appear as if Brown actually moved forward with a lawsuit. Probably because there’s nothing he can really sue for that would make sense.

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