Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey says he isn’t getting contract extension this year

Jalen Ramsey won’t be getting a new contract in 2019.

While speaking to the media Tuesday at mandatory minicamp for the first time since last season, the Jaguars cornerback admitted he won’t receive the extension he’s been seeking this offseason.

″I let my agent talked to them and they’ve had dialogue, of course,″ Ramsey said, via the Florida Times-Union. ″But as far as I know, I’ve been let known that I won’t be getting a contract extension. Y’all take it however you may want to take that. But as long as I’m part of this organization, as long as I’m a part of Duval County, I’m going to give the city, the players all I got. I think you know that. I’ve fought through injuries and I haven’t missed a game yet.″

Ramsey compared his situation to the one defensive end Yannick Ngakoue is in, as Ngakoue released a statement Monday saying his contract was the reason he will be holding out from minicamp. On the other hand, Ramsey knows his time will come eventually and is committed to his team in the meantime.

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