L.A. Rams vs. Seattle: Live updates, score, results, highlights, for Sunday’s NFL game

Seattle will square off against the Rams at 5:25 p.m. on Sunday. The odds don’t look promising for Seattle, but the bigger the opponent is, the harder they fall.

Last Sunday, Seattle came up short against the Chargers, falling 17-25. A silver lining for Seattle was the play of Russell Wilson, who passed for 235 yards and 2 touchdowns. Russell Wilson has been one of their standout athletes in their past four games.

As for the Rams, it was a good run, but they finally witnessed the end of their eight-game winning streak. They took a 35-45 hit to the loss column at the hands of New Orleans.

It was close but no cigar for Seattle as they fell 31-33 to the Rams five weeks ago. Can Seattle avenge their defeat, or is history doomed to repeat itself ? We’ll soon find out.

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