Opinion: Colin Kaepernick didn’t sell out

The only thing that came faster than the takes about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL settling his collusion grievance on Friday afternoon for undiscloded terms was the barrage of warnings about the takes to come.

Which is where are with Kaepernick. Few people truly listened to his words in the wake of the first time he kneeled, when he explained the purpose of his silent and respectful protest during the playing of the national anthem. Now, years later, Kaepernick's words and intentions hardly seem to matter at all to his detractors. He exists as a concept, upon which we project our already held beliefs. Our takes.

I'm not here to argue I am any better. But for people who are arguing that Kaepernick could have gotten a better result, that he could have "won" in this situation and failed to, doesn't understand what made him kneel in the first place.

To be clear: Kaepernick, whose biological father is black, kneeled to protest, among other things, systemic racism. He was subsequently blackballed from the league and when he attempted to prove as much, the NFL – which is, when it comes down to it, 31 very wealthy families (the Packers have a board of directors representing their share holders) and a commissioner working in their interest – bought his silence.

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