Patrick Mahomes told Joe Burrow his Chiefs-Bengals playoff matchup prediction in Week 17: ‘See y’all in the playoffs’

The Chiefs and Bengals are meeting for the second time this season, and this month, after the Bengals beat the Chiefs 34-31 on Jan. 2. 

This time, Kansas City and Cincinnati will face in the AFC Championship. The Bengals haven’t reached this game since 1988, but this marks the Chiefs’ fourth consecutive appearance.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes expected to meet the Bengals in the playoffs this year. After Joe Burrow and the Bengals beat the Chiefs a few weeks ago, Mahomes told Burrow after the game that they will “see y’all in the playoffs.”

The 26-year-old Chiefs quarterback is in his fifth season, but 25-year-old Burrow is only in his second season with the Bengals. This will be the first time the two young quarterbacks are meeting in the playoffs, and it will only be the second time Mahomes and Burrow have played each other.

Ten of the 16 AFC teams have a starting quarterback that is 26 or younger. Crazy enough, Mahomes is one of the older AFC quarterbacks right now. Sunday’s AFC Championship game will continue to give fans a look into the future of the AFC.

Both quarterbacks have had two spectacular playoff performances each. Mahomes had 433 yards total (404 passing) with five touchdowns in the Chiefs’ wild-card win over the Steelers, and he finished with 447 total yards (378 passing) and three touchdowns in their divisional win against the Bills. Burrow only had 242 total yards with two touchdowns in their wild-card win over the Raiders. He had 353 yards total against the Titans, but finished with zero passing touchdowns. 

However, Burrow outplayed Mahomes in their Week 17 matchup, throwing 446 yards and four touchdowns in the game. Mahomes had nearly 200 yards less than Burrow, finishing with 259 yards and two touchdowns. 

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Burrow will travel to Arrowhead Stadium for the first time in his career. Including the playoffs, the Bengals are 6-3 in away games this season, while the Chiefs are 9-2 at home. The last game at home the Chiefs lost was on Sept. 26 to the Chargers.

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