Perfect 10: Ohio Bobcats lineman Hagen Meservy does cartwheel during play vs. Western Michigan

Instead of holding posters on the sideline to help signal in the next plays, the Ohio Bobcats should hold gymnastics judges' 10 signs — because that's what Hagen Meservy deserves. 

The junior offensive lineman, who stands at 6-foot-3 and weighs 300 pounds, pulled off a perfect cartwheel Tuesday against Western Michigan in the middle of the play. 

The acrobatics came midway through the third quarter when the Bobcats lined up in a funky formation with Meservy out wide next to a receiver. Quarterback Nathan Rourke took the snap and Meservy feigned a screen route, complete with his cartwheel; Rourke found Adam Luehrman for a 25-yard gain to set Ohio up in the red zone and the Bobcats scored the next play. 

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