South Carolina unveils blackout ‘Battle Armor’ uniforms vs. Tennessee with dramatic video

South Carolina is going back to black. On Saturday against Tennessee, the Gamecocks are going to be rocking blackout jerseys under the lights at Williams-Brice Stadium. The team has struggled this year at 2-3 in the conference, but perhaps it can recover with a touch of scariness in its uniforms.

The Gamecocks announced the jerseys on Friday, first with a picture of the helmet with the caption “Spooky SZN” followed by a super dramatic reveal video captioned “Battle Armor” of a Gamecock running through a cornfield away from… someone.

This is your daily October reminder that Halloween is the best. There are also some random pop culture references in there too, including Heath Ledger’s Joker saying “here we go” and Bryan Cranston’s Walter White saying “I am the danger.” Neither of those come from horror titles, but we’ll allow it nevertheless.

The matte-finished helmets, as always, look really cool. The garnet accents on the full uniform end up looking a little weird, however. Say what you will about blackouts, but doing it on Halloween for a night game is the best time to go with them. Besides, black is one of South Carolina’s main colors — if any team can pull it off, it’s them.

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