Tom Brady channels Batman in hype video as he inches closer to rushing milestone

Tom Brady, maybe the greatest quarterback in the history of football, is on the verge of a career milestone. 

After 261 games, Brady sits 3 yards shy of 1,000 career rushing yards. It’s taken him close to two decades to get to this point, but Brady has a chance against the Packers on Sunday night to become the 97th quarterback in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards. 

Maybe you think this is the kind of milestone that Brady doesn’t care about. You would be wrong. On Friday, Brady released a hype video in which you can relive some of the most memorable runs of his career — from his 40-yard dash at the combine to his juke of Brian Urlacher — while “The Dark Knight Rises” plays in the background.

As far as hype videos go, it’s a good one.

3 yards to go… 1000 career rushing yards… Sunday…. The time has come. I hope ? …. #TB1K

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Obviously, Brady’s running abilities are … let’s call them limited. He’s the best sneaker in the league, but beyond that, he’s not doing much of anything with his legs besides subtly navigating the pocket. When he does dare to venture out of the pocket and explore open space, he often looks like he’s running in slow motion. Avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar can only help so much!

To get an idea of how slowly Brady has crept toward this milestone, consider that the video below, during which Brady talks about nearing 1,000 rushing yards, was released almost exactly a year ago.

One year later, he’s only three quarterback sneaks away from history.

Out of the 96 quarterbacks with 1,000 career rushing yards, only one, Brett Favre, has played in more games than Brady. Let’s say Brady does reach 1,000 rushing yards on Sunday night. Assuming Brady hits the milestone but doesn’t set any single-game rushing records in the process, he’ll also have the lowest yards-per-carry average among all the quarterbacks on the list. Entering Sunday night, Brady is averaging 1.7 yards per carry. The closest quarterback on the list would be Ben Roethlisberger, who’s averaging 2.9 yards per carry in his career. The 96th quarterback on that list, by the way, is Brady’s former backup, Matt Cassel, who has rushed for 1,011 yards. 

And that’s a wrap on all the useless info you need about Tom Brady’s quest for 1,000 rushing yards.

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