Wives of NASCAR drivers say race day fears, anxiety never go away

Samantha Busch remembers what it was like watching her husband, Kyle Busch, smash into a wall at Daytona International Speedway in 2015 in a multi-car crash known as “the big one.” The now-14-year NASCAR Cup Series veteran broke his leg and foot and was sidelined for 11 Cup Series races that season before ultimately winning his first championship that season.

While every track on the NASCAR schedule is different, the fear of the unknown about what could happen during a race is always present for the drivers’ significant others, and it’s among the many topics that will be covered on CMT’s new show, Racing Wives.

“Every time I say a prayer and kiss him as he gets in the car, there’s that little anxiety but also thrill because he’s doing what he loves,” Samantha Busch told For The Win while promoting the show, which premieres in January.

“As long as you’re here, you never really fully get used to (it).”

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