WWE fans weren’t impressed with ‘botched’ ending to historic main event at WrestleMania 35

Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair made history Sunday night by being the first women to be the main event of a WrestleMania.

After a very long night of crazy action at MetLife Stadium, they put on a show at WrestleMania 35. And at the end there was one winner — Becky Lynch.

The main event, however, wasn't perfect. The crowd seemed to be tired after six-plus hours of action and the ending wasn't well received by fans who didn't know the ref was counting when Rousey was pinned by Lynch or if she was even pinned at all or if that was really the way it was supposed to go. It all just seemed odd.

Some fans even used the word "botched" to describe the ending. But either way, Becky Lynch now has both belts.

Fans weighed in on the ending:

Awesome #WrestleMania, def my favorite in years. Only gripes are Triple H – Batista was WAY too long & the finish of the main event was sketchy. I didn’t even realize the ref was counting when they rung the bell for Becky ??‍♀️

That was THE most awkward ending to a match. No climax to it, just a botched pin. Her shoulder is clearly up Best part of the match "you chop like a bitch"

Did #BeckyLynch actually pin Ronda though? Ronda's shoulder was not on the mat for the first count? Watch the footage floating around closely. Ronda's shoulder was between Becky's thigh.

Ending the wrestlemania main event with a botched roll up is pretty poor maybe the worst finish to a mania match ever #WWE#Wrestlemania#TheMan

Well, #BeckyLynch, #CharlotteFlair, and #RondaRousey deserved better than that match and that finish. Seems like they couldn’t think of a better way to have Becky win without making Ronda and Charlotte look weak. Sigh. #Wrestlemania35

Welp, it’s been a fun, exhausting, and roller coaster of a #WrestleMania. Ended the right way with Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and The Man as champs. Wish the finish for #BeckyLynch wasn’t so questionable, but how much can I really complain ??‍♀️

According to @Colohue w/sources inside WWE:

Becky should have tapped out Charlotte.

"I've been told by different people, in different positions within WWE, that that was the plan. It sure looks like they've just botched the main event of WrestleMania."#WrestleMania

#WrestleMania thoughts:

– Happy that Becky (shame about the botched ending), Seth, Kofi, and the IIconics won!!!!
– Kurt losing clean to Corbin was a disgrace
– Cena segment was a waste of time.

It was an overall great show, but once again, WAY too long.

While I’m super ecstatic for Becky Lynch getting her moment, the dusty finish was super weak and wasn’t necessary.

Becky should’ve won cleanly, period.#WrestleMania

I’m not trying to sound blunt, but the women’s triple threat was not good. Becky Lynch is the right champion, but the finish sucked and was ultimately not main-event quality. Overhyped and failed to deliver.

Kind of a sudden and botched finish,
But congratulations to Becky Lynch! From Wrestlemania, to KofiMania, to WrestleMANia!#WrestleMania

I am happy that @BeckyLynchWWE went over @RondaRousey however that botched finished killed it. 7.5 hours for a botched finish. #WrestleMania

#WrestleMania very good mania all around. Final match looked like the ending was botched though which sucks. @[email protected]@MsCharlotteWWE

Not saying she wasn't gonna win but that didn't seem like it ended like it was supposed to…

I've loved Becky Lynch from the beginning but that finish was trash. If she's winning, let her beat Charlotte clean. Ronda can go away without really losing, Asuka can say that even though she beat Charlotte, she's never beat her. Build for Slam that way.

BS ending!!! @MsCharlotteWWE & @RondaRousey got cheated out. Hell we all got cheated out for it to finish like that. Main Event Huh!!!! Smh…

i never been so conflicted in my life. like #BeckyLynch won but that finish….


The match looked awkward at times, incl. the finish, but there was enough good that the net result was positive.

Becky Lynch got the big win everyone was rooting for. Very entertaining. #WrestleMania

Guys when considering the finish to the #WrestleMania main event. Realize this means we’ll probably get #BeckyLynch vs. #RondaRousey tomorrow on RAW. Becky cements herself as champ and Ronda gets to take her leave. Simple booking my friends.

Yes, the bell rang for the women's main event after midnight. Yes, the match was cut short. Yes, the ending to the match sucked. But Becky won. Becky has both women's titles. Let's celebrate it instead of picking apart the negatives. #BeckyLynch#WrestleMania


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