Lewis Hamilton gives Sebastian Vettel surprising support after Canadian Grand Prix penalty

Vettel crossed the chequered flag in first place after defending his pole position for the duration of the race.

However, Hamilton was awarded the victory because Vettel was slapped with a five-second time penalty for an incident on lap 48.

The Ferrari star made a mistake at Turn 3 and drove across the grass and when he re-entered the track he blocked Hamilton from overtaking around the outside.

But the Mercedes man, who was fuming at the time of the incident, has since claimed he would have done the exact same.

“I watched the slow motion, it’s obviously very tight, what I can say is that if I was a leader and I made a mistake and went off, I probably would have done the same thing,” Hamilton said.

“It’s happening so fast, and you’re just trying to keep the position, and when I say I would have done the same thing, I would have tried to squeeze it too.

“In the end, that’s what happened today. So, my opinion on that has not changed.

“And as for the rules, let’s say we do not have this rule, I would not have slowed down, and we would have had an accident, one way or another it was going to end badly.”

Hamilton also explained how grave the consequences could have been if he had continued in his attempt to overtake.

“Usually, the first instinct is often the right one, I would say, when I watched the slow motion and looked at my data, I had to brake at the exit of Turn 4,” he added.

“There was a danger, and if I had not done it, we would have got hurt, my opinion is not different on this subject.

“The thing is, from a pilot’s point of view, you know how it’s going, it’s different when you’re watching as a spectator, but as a pilot, things go wrong and you think ’s**t’.

“You try to squeeze in order not to lose a position, it’s a natural instinct we have, we’re not going to say, ‘Actually, I’m going to put myself on the left and let them pass’.

Unfortunately he went off track and the way the rules are written, that’s how it’s prescribed.”

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