Lewis Hamilton left out of Monaco GP 'Mount Rushmore'

Two-time Formula One world champion Emerson Fittipaldi has named who he thinks are the five best drivers from the Monaco Grand Prix.

F1 returns to the famous Monte Carlo street circuit this weekend, with Max Verstappen and Red Bull looking to extend their lead at the top of the championships.

Once considered the world’s most famous and important race, Monaco’s reputation has dipped in recent years due to the lack of overtaking at the track leading many fans to label it boring and out of date.

But there are those who still consider it to be the crown jewel of the sporting calendar, with Fittipaldi telling VegasInsider: ‘I think it is difficult to supersede Monaco because it has the charm and glamour of the marina, the yachts.

‘People fly from all over the world to be there. Italian fans and the tifosi are there. Monaco will always stay a part of F1 but it’s getting less exciting because qualifying is 95 percent of the result.

‘I think the history of Monaco, the place of choice for jet-setting people, very international, the yachts, the marina, the royal family, they all give the glamour to Monaco.

‘I remember the first time I went there, when Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly were Monaco, and on a Saturday night they invited me to the castle, after qualifying for the first time in 1971. There were cocktails for the drivers, for the sponsors, for the people involved in racing.’

All-time point scorers at the Monaco Grand Prix:

*Points assigned as per the current scoring system. Data courtesy of VegasInsider

Though the racing may not always be the most exciting, Monaco is one of, if not the toughest track in the history of F1 and only the very best are able to master it.

Statistically speaking, Sir Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver in the grad prix’s history, having scored more points there than anyone else – even after applying the modern points system to all 68 races held since the inaugural event in 1950.

But when naming his ‘Mount Rushmore’ of the very best masters of Monaco, Fittipaldi left Hamilton out, though it’s hard to argue against the five legends he did pick.

‘It’s difficult after so many years of racing in Monaco, but for sure Ayrton [Senna]. He won so many times [six]. He always was very aggressive and determined with his driving. Monaco was his style.

‘I’d say another one who was very impressive was Graham Hill who by some reason always adapted himself to Monaco. He won the GP five times.

‘In my time, who I raced with, it was impressive to see Jackie Stewart drive in Monaco. For sure. Niki [Lauda] was very good in Monaco too.

‘Then of course, the [Michael] Schumacher era. He was very good. He won five times there. Very impressive.’

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