Lewis Hamilton myth debunked by Mercedes chief Toto Wolff – ‘It’s not one dimensional’

Lewis Hamilton compared to Schumacher by David Coulthard

Lewis Hamilton doesn’t just dominate F1 because of the Mercedes vehicle, Toto Wolff has claimed. The Brit has won seven F1 Drivers’ Championships throughout his career, drawing level with Formula One icon Michael Schumacher in 2020. Some believe he’s benefitted from the technology at his disposal – but Wolff disagrees.

Hamilton has dominated F1 in recent years and, in particular, since joining Mercedes.

He won his first title with McLaren back in 2008 before joining the Silver Arrows five years later.

Since moving to Mercedes in 2013, Hamilton has added six more titles to his collection – only missing out on glory in 2016 to Nico Rosberg.

Some, such as Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, have suggested the 36-year-old’s success is down to the work put in by Mercedes behind the scenes.

But Wolff has debunked that myth, with the 48-year-old telling Autosport.com: “It’s not one dimensional.

“Formula 1 has always been about best man in best machine wins.

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“The best man means the quickest driver, and the most intelligent driver.

“[He is] the one that understands how the dynamics in a team works, its technical ability, and on the other side seeing himself in the right context within the organisation and not like a solar system where everything revolves around the sun.

“Equally, the organisation around the driver needs to be on its absolute A game in order to deliver performance in the various areas.

“This means on the engineering side, on the commercial side, on the political side, and on the communication side, in order to keep the wheels rolling.

“This is a business without a silver bullet, contrary to what most people think – even within the industry.

“It’s a business around marginal gains where everything needs to be in the right place for a team to be successful.”

Verstappen had previously said: “Lewis is certainly one of the best drivers ever.

“Many drivers can win in that car, but that doesn’t take anything away from Lewis.”

Meanwhile, Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle recently expressed a belief that Hamilton will call time on his F1 career at the right time – unlike Schumacher.

He’s still yet to sign a new contract and some believe he could even call time on his F1 career.

But Brundle said: ”My gut feeling is he’ll stop a year early rather than a year late.

“He’s not going to hang on until the bitter end for a few more dollars, or just to be a Formula 1 driver, and nor will he need to.

“He’s obviously got other ambitions in his life, but I can’t imagine why he would stop in the next five years, or certainly three. Why would he?”

Brundle can’t see any signs of deterioration in Hamilton, saying: “His eyesight, his reactions, nothing has fallen away.

“If you’re going to start fading, you’re on a gentle slope. And he doesn’t appear to have started that slope yet.

“Michael was in his 40s when he retired and he started making a lot of mistakes, and most of us did – you start having crashes at the end and you don’t know why that happened. That’s what it looks like Sebastian is to me, right now.

“Lewis has not got to that point, and nothing has been his match.”

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