Bubba Wallace’s late Talladega lead slips away after wrecking twice on final laps

You could hear the excitement in Bubba Wallace’s voice as he took his first lead of the day with eight laps to go in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega, telling his team over the radio, “Well, this should piss the haters off.”

But with six laps left, Wallace found himself running into the wall as he battled Joey Logano for the lead, seemingly ending his hopes for a victory.

Wallace isn’t one to let the haters get the last laugh, though. After catching a lucky break with a late caution, he pitted and was able to mend his car and refuel, avoiding a huge pile up and sneaking his way back into the top five. But it just wasn’t meant to be for Wallace, as he wrecked again while trying to make a late push for the lead, getting turned around after making contact with the outside wall.

It’s an unfortunate way to end a pretty impressive afternoon of racing for Wallace, who is from Alabama and is still chasing his first career NASCAR Cup Series win. He has frequently found himself in the headlines this season for off-track reasons, including the “Black Lives Matter” messages brandished on his No. 43 car and the garage pull that was mistakenly believed to be a neuse. He’s drawn the ire of many racing fans for using his platform to speak out against racial injustice, but there’s one thing haters can’t deny about Wallace: the man can drive.

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