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‘I don’t take orders from Nathan Buckley’: Lumumba

Heritier Lumumba says he will not release further recordings, the day after sharing audio of what is claimed to be conversations with his former coach Nathan Buckley.

Buckley replied to the tweets shared by Lumumba on Tuesday night “offering him the opportunity” to “put a full and uncut version of our conversations on public record so as to provide context to our conversations”.

The recordings were the latest post about Collingwood from Lumumba, who has refused to engage with the Pies as they embark on a truth telling process as part of the recommendations from the Do Better report. On Monday, he shared fresh allegations and grievances against the club.

On Wednesday, Lumumba told ABC radio that he would “absolutely not” be releasing more recordings.

“This isn’t a football match. I don’t take orders from Nathan Buckley and I haven’t done that for a long time. So, you know, the questions really need to be pointed towards him,” Lumumba said.

“He has yet to fully own the fact that he said those things, basic things. He mentioned that I threw the president under the bus. That was in 2014, over 12 months after the incident, so you know, if he’s if he’s perceiving my actions and behaviour through the lens that I had gone rogue and that I was not in line with the club’s values, then that needs more scrutiny, not, you know, how I choose to tell my truth.”


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