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‘Need a break’: Johns quits Grill Team

AFTER eight years of early morning wake-up calls and 4am starts, Matty Johns has decided to part ways with Triple M’s Grill Team, with the search already underway to replace him.

Listeners have enjoyed Johns’ jokes, stories and rugby league mind since 2011, but the former NRL star, who also works for Fox Sports, admits he needs a break from the rigours of breakfast radio.

The Triple M Grill Team -, Matty Johns doing their final show of 2016 ,Source:News Corp Australia

“The challenge has been juggling my late-night commitments with Fox Sports, along with the early hours of breakfast radio,” he said.

“After eight years, that can take a toll and for that reason I’ve decided to take a break from radio. It’s not an easy decision, but the right one.

“I would like to thank everyone at Triple M, in particular everyone associated with the Grill Team. The eight years have been so enjoyable, with plenty of laughs and plenty of great memories, it hasn’t felt like a job at all.”

Triple M’s Head of Content Mike Fitzpatrick said, “We’ll use this opportunity to explore all options, get the best person to join our breakfast team in 2019 and keep delivering a great entertaining Triple M breakfast show for Sydney.”

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