Carragher disagrees with Deschamps’ opinion on Paul Pogba’s Man Utd struggles

Jamie Carragher has urged Manchester United to find a new club for Paul Pogba.

The Liverpool legend has opened up on how the World Cup winner has struggled since returning to the Premier League from Juventus, and how his best position is still unclear.

The status of Pogba at Old Trafford has come under review as he links up with Didier Deschamps and the French national team, with his manager mentioning his apparent dissatisfaction.

Carragher reckons that the midfielder is not the great player some consider him to be.

In a chat with talkSPORT, he said: “No, not really. In some ways, everybody is unhappy with his position, because the fact we’re still talking about, ‘What is Paul Pogba’s best position?’, when he’s been at the club for four years.

“I think that tells you he’s never done well enough in any position or tactical set-ups, that different managers have had at Manchester United. When I look at it now, would I pick Paul Pogba in the Manchester United team? I wouldn’t.

“He came with a huge transfer fee, but I don’t think he’s a great player. When I say that, I’ve said it a few times on Monday Night Football, people say, ‘well he’s won the World Cup’.

“I get that, I understand that, but he’s been in our league, when he came in I wanted him to have the impact of what [Frank] Lampard had at Chelsea, what Stevie [Gerrard] had with Liverpool, what Yaya Toure had with Man City.

“Those players drive their teams to titles and European Cups. And when you come to Manchester United as the world record transfer fee – and I know you could say the other players aren’t great or this manager or that – when you’re that man that is seen as the man to take United to the next level.

“And United going to the next level is going back to winning titles or European Cups.

“People may say that is too much pressure to put on one man. But that’s what we were told was coming. This package, the most expensive player in the world, he can do everything in midfield.

“He’s played for Juventus, he’s playing in Champions League finals for them. And it just hasn’t happened for him.

“And if it was me, I’d be looking to move him on.”

After Deschamps had told France Football: "I know Paul well and he knows the squad well. He finds himself in a situation with his club that he can't be happy about, neither in terms of his playing time nor his position.

"He's not at his best, he's had a string of injuries and Covid-19 has also affected him adversely. He needs to rediscover his rhythm.

"He did well in the matches that he was involved in last month and performed consistently despite his lack of rhythm. Nevertheless, we can't say that he's blossoming at club level.”

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